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!!> Ebook ➩ Convict (Sin City Salvation #2) ➪ Author A. Zavarelli –

Convict (Sin City Salvation #2) Ebook Convict Sin City Salvation 2 A Zavarelli Release July 22nd, 2019From The Shadows, I Ve Tracked Her Every Move I Was Just Supposed To Watch Her But Now, I Can T Stop She S My Obsession My Addiction My Poison Watching Her Isn T Enough The Savage In Me Won T Be Satisfied Until I Take Her And Make Her Mine One Taste And I M Hooked Too Bad For Her I M Never Letting Her Go Stalked Hunted Captured.He Took Me From My Life And Locked Me Away In His Compound The Ex Con The Big Bad Biker Inked, Bearded, And Inhumanely Sized And Yet, Every Time He Looks At Me, I Melt This Broken Beast Hides Demons Behind Those Brutal Eyes I Hate Him And I Crave Him His Touch, His Words, His Lips When My Enemies Come For Me, He Vows To Protect Me As Long As I Do What He Says I Ll Be Secure In This Prison He Created For Me But Who Will Protect Me From Him

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    Gah The minute A Zavarelli even hints that there is a new book on the horizon it s all I can think about Her storytelling and imagery and just the way she can make me feel all the emotions seriously just rocks me on another level When I saw that Convict would be a standalone follow up to Confess and would feature Birdie and Ace I was ready for double the amount of emotions and feels And boy did she deliver This story was AHMAZINGGGG I fell so hard for this damaged couple and never wanted it to end Without going into any details or spoilers just know that Birdie Blue is the exception to every rule that broody, growly Ace Fallon has in life He is such a damaged and lost soul who makes it his mission to protect Birdie from her vices even if it s at the expense of her own freedom But what Ace does not expect is for the blond bombshell to completely eviscerate everything he knew to be true of what he needed and wanted out of life Gah This novel honestly is one of the best stories I have read this year I held my breath at certain parts watching these two damaged people find strength in one another The writing was just flawless and the way the author captured my attention from the get go with both Ace and Birdie s pain kept me enthralled all the way to the last word I loved that these complete opposites were able to make each other feel again Birdie was Ace s gamechan...

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    Coming July 22nd

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    well, i have been stunned to silence gasps this is a second book in a row that I loved that has a bikers trope written all over itmy, oh my LOL and yet, this is far from the usual MC novel, trust meit s simply the background scenery and the main show is the portrayal of two broken people that become unlikely connected on the essencial level this seemingly simplified storyline will, in fact, stun you cause of the deeply complex characterisation of the H and hanother gasp Simply loved it the action, the turmoil, the emotional span of these two people, both deeply ruined by their past and upbringing and yet their emotional inability to process any notion of true love will in fact bring them together on a path of mutual understanding and final acknowledgment of healingthese two, especially the H Huck William Fallon aka Ace, just might be my new fave guyof course, inspired, teasers are coming right up.once again, Ashleigh showed how she s growing and shining even brighter than before, if...

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    Attention bookstagrammers Happily Ever Insta is so excited to team up with A Zavarelli on her upcoming release, Convict If you d like to celebrate with us, sign up here

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    Magnificent read Dark, dirty and deliciously sexy This series is so good.We meet Birdie in Confess My view of her completely changed in her book You never really know what a person has gone through to make the decisions one makes Birdie is inspirational.Then there s Ace.I love a broken H He survived so much and definitely deserves Birdie.I m tickled pink with their story The characters in this series are second to none.Highly recommend this series BREAKDOWN OF RATINGS Plot 5 5Main Characters hero heroine 5 5Second...

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    It s a wide eyed look at the underbelly of Sin city Once again Ash has managed to freak me out A world exists just beyond the shiny lights and jingling coin machines in Vegas It s foul smelling, Putrid and decaying Filth of sexual slavery and debauchery is flowing down the sewers of the city and the rich step over it and poor get caught in it.Built for sinful pleasures, she s honed her talent as a weapon to protect herself and her loved ones On the surface, she was an enchantress, glowing with pleasure and sin But I d had plenty of time to pick her apart She was exhausted Anxious Flighty There had to be a reason why she subjected herself to this, Birdie is fluttering bird caught in a cage, literally fighting for her life and freedom, held captive in the tight fist of Joe and then Ace She doesn t have a say in her own fate and is cruelly subjected to blackmail and then captivity at the hands of these men in her life She d never been treated right She d never known love Her whole life was a desolate landscape of one user after another It s tough seeing right from wrong, separating malefactor from benefactor Situations become murkier, survival becomes dangerous and with enemies lurking in every corner, running becomes the only deadly option.I loved Confess and convict carries the same excellence forward Birdie seemed juvenile in comparison to gypsy...

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    Convict was powerful ,tragic, hopeful and beautifully heartbreaking in every way possible A.Zavarelli will push the serrated knife of her intense and raw words into your heart and twist it until you bleed emotions all over the pages Ace is everything I love in my alpha Super protective, uber bossy, damaged through and through and ready to do absolutely anything for his woman Birdie is the phoenix who rises from the ashes of her sufferings and pain She is the hope and miracle I see in Dark Romance Monsters exist but angels too Their bond is forged in deepest crevices of hell but it is the most stunning and awe inspiring thing Why do I love dark and angsty reads I ask myself this question often.I had an epiphany while reading The Convict by Ashley Zavarelli I may not have suffered like Birdie and Ace in my life But we have all experienced this paralyzing scary dark side of humanity in some way or one We have just become efficient at hiding them or dealing with them But dark stories like Convict are like a mirror They are the reflection of the demons in my head And they are also a source of constant inspiration for me Every scar, every pain, every heartbreaking emotion act...

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    An A Zavarelli book A damaged hero A damaged heroine Check, check, check.This book was beyond AMAZING It is every reason I love dark romances so much Ms Zavarelli is a master at her craft, she promises an amazing book and she always delivers This book was no different.Although it was not as dark as most her stuff, it still holds the elements, but personally, I felt as though there was to the plot It wasn t overly dark It was in so many words, A hopeful romance There was hope, healing, and growth within the characters These two damaged people were absolutely perfect They were living a life of suffering, they were broken jagged pieces to their own puzzles but when together they drew strength from one another and it was amazing to read them grow together They started out as messy, tragic, broken. but as the book progressed so did they, and so did the relationship Ace is an ex con biker that now owns his own business and one of his jobs is to keep an eye on Birdie, but the last thing he thought would happen, does happenBirdie gets inside his head and he finds himself obsessing over her He finds himself needing her, want...

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    Upon reading of this book, you may experience swooning, hot flashes, the need to date a bearded biker, and a very big book hangover I was delirious with excitement when this story landed on my kindle I have wanted of this Sin City series since I read the last page of Confess You just knew that Birdie and Ace would have one hell of a story to tell, I just was not prepared for the torment that either character experienced Deplorable, and yet monumental to the formation of their characters Convict is a dynamically suspenseful read with a plot as twisted as a pretzel, and an emotional foundation that will make your heart ache with the weight of it s words.What can I say about my man, Ace He s ruff and gruff and unpolished But he has this teddy bear persona going for him He s totally infatuated with Birdie, but feels that he is not good enough for the likes of her He believes himself to be tainted, and too defective for any type of a relationship.Birdie, she is some sassy little spitfire She s impetuous, juvenile at times, and will do or say anything to get a reaction from people Her self worth is about as stable as a house of cards But somewhere deep down, she h...

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    4.5 stars Heartbreaking and still a story that fills your heart with love Sometimes in life we don t have the opportunity to choose our future because the innocence it s stolen and other people are deciding what comes next This happened with both Birdie and Ace A lot of twists and turns in the story but real love finds a way to ...

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